hello, i’m caro kim !

i’m a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, writer, and an amateur musician (i’m not great). i was born and raised in toronto, but am currently based in vancouver, bc.

i grew up always dreaming of working in the creative industry: hoping to live and breathe visual stimulants, be constantly inspired by typography and be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing colour combinations. i’m fond of the fantasy genre due to my chronic escapism and i am always enthusiastic to discuss anything related to dungeons and dragons. oh, and i’m also partial to the beauty of lowercase letters.

i took a break from art to make my parents proud and get a bachelor of arts in criminology and english from the university of toronto. i left that behind soon after to pursue formal training in graphic and web design at langara college with a diploma in digital and print publishing.

i am a storyteller above all else and want to be your way of expressing your ideas through thoughtfully crafted designs. my specialty lies in typography and branding. i’ll do my best to ensure your vision is portrayed accurately and to your satisfaction. all projects are just collaborations waiting to happen, and i’m definitely a team player.

i am currently available for freelance work; i’d love to hear your ideas! lets create something beautiful together.

// cv available upon request